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claire and jim

side by side



Claire and I met in 2006 at a skate shop that my brother-in-law owned. We were introduced through mutual friends. But, as we spent more and more time together – weird coincidences came to light: Claire’s Aunt Laurie and I worked together for months before we discovered that I was dating her niece. My brother-in-law worked with Claire’s cousin at their first jobs as Firemen. And my mother sold Claire’s mother’s best friend a home years and years ago. Strange connections that tie it all together for us.


We had similar interests and backgrounds. Jimmy had very active childhood and was involved in lots of sports. I was busy with music and the arts. I played piano and traveled all over the country singing. Even then we were always on the go – so as couple we move at the same pace. Side by side all the way.




I look back on our dating life and we have had so much fun. My favorite couple story is when we went to Big Bear and she got horrible sunburn.


Hey, don’t forget how much pain I was in!


I warned her again and again to put sunscreen on but she ignored me because she wanted a tan.


In the end I got heatstroke! While Jimmy loves this story because he was right – I have photo proof that he got a ridiculously funny sun burn himself.


admiration 1


We’re happy together because we make a great team. We care deeply about each other and help through life’s challenges. We share the same values and are focused on the same goals.


I think we make a good pair because we highlight each other’s strengths. He calms me when I am anxious or emotional. I give him encouragement and motivate him to be the best he can be.


We accept each other for who we are. We don’t try to change each other.

no grudges


We don’t hold grudges either. We forgive mistakes and move on.


I admire Claire for her discipline and loyalty.


I admire Jimmy for his resilience and confidence.




Our song? Jimmy would say “Lucky” by Jason Mraz and I say anything by Jack Johnson because we went to his concert together and got seats in the front row!


We have had a lot of great dates. My idea of the perfect day with Claire is drinks at the ocean watching the sunset…

sunset together


…then going home and cuddling on the sofa with our dogs Benji & Bella and a good movie.


What is the most romantic thing Claire has ever done for me? I was working in Mesquite Nevada and she drove six hours to surprise me.


Jimmy does small romantic things all of the time – flowers, special birthday celebrations, making me laugh by jumping into an ice cold Minnesota lake – it all adds up to me being VERY lucky.




We picked out the ring together – so no surprise there. I’m a practical girl. I did leave it up to him to propose though, and he kept me guessing for a long time! Think Kate Hudson in “Bride Wars”. I whined, nagged, complained…I was losing my patience!



I wasn’t playing a game, I just wanted it to be right time. Ultimately a picnic on the bluffs of Torrey Pines and a small turtle ring box from her childhood sealed the deal.



we are very lucky to have a lot of people in our lives that inspire us with their loving relationships. It is rare, but I have grandparents on both sides that have been married for a combined 130+ years! My mom and dad have been married for almost 30 years and are totally devoted to each other.


My older sister Melissa and her husband Mike are high school sweethearts. They have great careers, three beautiful children and a strong communication style that I really admire.


…They still act like they’re dating! They look at each other with so much love. We want to strive for strong bonds like these.



Five years out I would like us to be successful and own our own company. I’m hoping we’ll have a growing family...


...and maybe a few more puppies, too!



big day


I want our big day to be perfect. To be FUN!


I want it to be memorable and meaningful.

main attraction

Our outdoor ceremony and reception will be held at Monteleone Meadows in Murrieta, California.

monteleone meadows aisle view

Located in sunny southern California, Monteleone is perfect for a late afternoon wedding and a breezy fall evening. We will have activities and music for you to enjoy. Bring your dancing shoes and be ready to have a feast!

here comes the bride

In order to assure that all of my favorite girls will make the event, the bridal shower will be

Friday September 30th, 2011 at Soro's Mediterranean Grill.



Invites and details will be sent out closer to the date, for information contact Laurie Watts.

Before the event pampering will be done Saturday morning on site by Above & Beyond Beauty Salon. Any gals interested in having pampering done, appointments are available for the girls to treat you wonderfully.

I have made plans with talented photographer Nate Larson and as an added personal touch; I would like my close girlfriends to be part of a few special photos on my wedding day. Stay tuned for any prop and photo details! Think: blue & green

to get excited and if you're interested in video/ photography: larson filmworks

event list

Friday Men's shower:

stone bistro

The men's shower will be at Stone Brewery on Friday Sept 30 at 11 am. The tour runs a little over an hour and includes tasting. Appetizers to follow.

Friday Night Cocktails and dancing for the guys and gals will be at Front Street Bar & Grill.

harms way baileys


St. Maartens is the Caribbean's most exciting vacation destination! We are looking forward to gourmet food, world class duty free shopping, vibrant nightlife, pristine beaches, year-round warm climate and a cosmopolitan atmosphere with a Caribbean twist – Yay for Saint Martin!

St Maarten